Neil Leagan is one of the series' primary antagonists, alongside his sister, Eliza Leagan.

Appearance Edit

Although he is shown to often have smirks, leers, or glares on his face, he is devilishly handsome with dark tan skin, chocolate-red eyes, and grayish-brown cowlick hair. His face is rather haughty and smug, never showing a kind expression.

Characteristics Edit

Neil is cowardly, shown often when Candy and her friends threaten him into proving her innocence when he and Eliza frame her, turning him into a spoiled mama's boy. He has all the qualities of an evilly mischievous guy and a weak brother, shown how easy it is for Eliza to beat him down and persuade him into hurting Candy (the first day she arrived, Neil purposely poured water on her from the balcony and immediately in return, she lassos his wrist and and threatens to pull him down).

Plot Edit

Neil falls for Candy after recognizing her good qualities and realizing that she is the only one to ever stand up to him and not swoon over him, but he still remains the womanizing, heartless, forceful, and easily influenced person he is by the end of the series. At the end in the manga version, Neil is publicly rejected by Candy at their engagement party as well as humiliated, driving him to the balcony outside crying like a child with his mother and sister, immediately giving in to his sister's suggestion of "other girls better than Candy" in their vacation home in Florida.