Candice "Candy" White Adley is the main protagonist of the series. She was an orphan at Pony's Home.


She possesses fair skin, wide green eyes with a shade of blue, curly blond hair, and freckles. She is noted to be beautiful. She ties her hair into two pigtails, rarely ever sporting a different style.

Characteristics Edit

Candy is tomboyish, headstrong, and playful, often recklessly moving about. She is also compassionate, selfless, and always tries to look on the bright side as she's been advised by important people in her life.

She rides horses in public, climbs trees, and is also rather gluttonous and eats tons of food. A notable trait is that she excels in the art of lassoing, often using the rope to catch an enemy or helping an animal out of harm's way. She is one of the best people you could ever meet, and is also romantic, having many loves in her life.

She has a certain way with people, charming even some of the baddest people into becoming softer, eventually allowing her to become a nurse. Her character development is quite large, as her training to become "elegant" has softened her a bit, thus making Candy very forgiving and wise, but still retaining her cleverness and resourcefulness.

Plot Edit

Candice "Candy" White was found abandoned next to a tree near the orphanage Pony's Home on May 7, 1898. This was the same day Annie was abandoned near the steps of the orphanage. However, unlike Annie, Candy was not left with a note, simply a doll that had "Candy" written on it and so Sister Lane gave her the name Candice for Candy and the surname "White" since she was found in the white snow.

Since she was a baby, Candy seemed to cause mischief and protect Annie. When Tom took away Annie's pacifier, Candy threw her milk bottle at him in retaliation. When the two got a little older, Tom destroyed Annie's snowman with his sleigh and Candy forced him to apologize.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Catalan Spanish Dub she is called "Candy Blanqueta" and in the Latin Spanish she is "Candy Blanca".